Essentially, I’m the girl you bump into at a restaurant and instantly become best friends with over a cocktail.

Devoted Mom of Two
Sign-Seeking Enthusiast
New Orleans Native
Passionate Font Designer

Font design is more to me than just creating pretty letters–it’s a statement, symbol of love, and a part of my soul.

I’m no stranger to being a social butterfly, have been my whole life. This entire journey of building my business came from meeting like-minded people through Instagram. Talk about a supportive group of creatives that share the same passion! You should totally head over there and check US out–Yes, I say ‘us’ because we wouldn’t be here without one another, right?!

I create each font with the intention that you will take this timeless piece of art and execute a high-end brand experience for your client. 

The formalities

 With a focus on typography design and design in photography when creating mock-ups, I provide creative small business owners the perfect tools to enhance their branding and marketing efforts.

My professional journey started in the field of brand design, where I worked as a Creative Director for a brand agency, creating collateral for women-owned businesses.

Over the years, I honed in on my skills in branding and graphic design, and have taken several font courses.

My current focus is on creating innovative and unique fonts that stand out in a crowded market. I'm dedicated to providing small business owners with the tools they need to succeed; and committed to making a difference in the world of design.

Blanc Salváge

I have a wonderful supportive long-time friend turned boyfriend

My mom and I are best friends

Wouldn’t be where I am today without my grandmother's support

Favorite part of my house is my kitchen because that’s the room with the most sunlight, I LOVE natural lighting

I don’t like being cold, and prefer warm weather

On the weekends, I look forward to movie nights with my kiddos

Big-time foodie, and love fancy cocktails (preferably with an herb garnish!) 

fun facts

  • My Grandmother Amanda
  • Children
  • Mom
  • Boyfriend
  • Best of friends, Alix Walker
  • Spiritual Influence, Gail Johnson
  • Type Instructor, Viktor Baltus
  • Instagram Community

Huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has helped make this journey possible.

partnerships & collaborations

I love working with like-minded people in the creative space. You can either book a call or reach out to me via email at stacy@blancsalvage.co. Let’s put our ideas together and make a new concept to share with the world!

Interested in collaborating?

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Blanc Salvage's latest La Roue font is incredible! There are so many serif fonts out there, but none I've come across as unique as this one. The care and attention Stacy put into this is next level. 

"La Roue is just unlike anything I've seen before in a font. Somehow Stacy manages to combine modern with romantic and feminine, all while being beautifully structured and versatile. I highly recommend this font, it pairs so well with a classic serif or flourished script."

Ash (thestudioarcadia)

The typeface is amazing, highly recommended!

A modern typeface, designed with high contrast for luxury branding.


Urena Wide Sans Serif Font