By becoming a part of our Affiliate Program, you’re not just earning; you’re empowering, connecting, and growing together.

Every link shared is a step towards mutual success and every product sold is a celebration of our shared passion and drive.

I want this to be as good for you and your audience as possible, so I have a sweet setup for you!

You get 20% for every sale. Your audience gets 15% off too!

it's a win-win for you + me

Earn and Flourish: Revel in a generous 20% commission on every sale made through your unique affiliate link. It’s a journey of mutual prosperity!

Spread the Joy: Gift your amazing audience an exclusive 15% off with your special code, making it a joy for them to experience our offerings.

Ease and Elegance: Access to swipe copy and beautiful graphics, making sharing seamless and delightful.

90-Day Cookie: Enjoy the peace of mind with a 90-day cookie, ensuring you receive the acknowledgment you deserve.

Benefits, you ask?

Extra perk — boost your project earnings!

Here's a tip for the brilliant brand designers out there: point your clients to purchase their brand font license using your affiliate link. Not only will they get a discount, but you'll also earn a commission. It's a subtle yet effective way to supplement your project income.

Sign Up to become an affiliate

By applying/joining you will be added to my affiliate program and to my Serif Soirée email list, which you can unsubscribe from any time.

Yes, you do! Inside the Affiliate HQ page you will have the opportunity to sign up to be the first to know of upcoming sales so you can plan your own marketing with time.

Do I get to know of upcoming promotions to plan?

You bet it's already written for you! Every piece of swipe copy and graphics you might need has already been created for you! You will have access to it via the private Affiliate HQ page. 

Is the copy written for me or do I have to come up with it?

Both your unique affiliate link and your discount code can be found inside your My Account affiliate area. In here you can also keep track of your commissions, clicks to your link, etc. 

Where can I find my link? Or my discount code?

You can get credit for a sale even if someone forgets to use your link by using your unique and exclusive 15% discount code! As long as they use it, they get that discount and you get a commission.

How does the 15% off discount work?

Every time you share your affiliate link with your audience you get credited 20% for every sale that comes from your link! You get paid the 1st of every month through Paypal.

How does it work? How do I get my commissions paid?

Simply submit your application form on this page and I will be able to set you up on my affiliate system with your unique code for your audience!

How can I become an affiliate for your Shop?

The fine details