Introducing Urena — an ultra-wide typeface overflowing with versatility from feminine to masculine with regular and ultra-black weights.

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A modern geometric sans serif with multiple weights ready for your next project.

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La roue

A timeless condensed serif font with a thin weight. Tall and delicate, with a rare combination of soft curves to give your design concepts that extra pizazz.

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A typeface inspired by a true love story. Introducing The One — a 5-weight serif font family with the edginess you demand but the soft side you adore. 

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Font Pairing ideas:

Unleash the full potential of your brand's visual identity with this Font Pairing Guide. Explore a collection of free and paid fonts expertly matched with Blanc Salváge fonts. Unlock logo inspiration and valuable advice on font pairing, and gain access to 12 essential resources.

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"You know what’s seriously awesome? Blanc Salvage fonts! They’re like a font lover’s dream come true. Seriously, each one of her fonts is so unique and packed with personality. It’s like they have their own attitude.

And let me tell you, using her fonts in your designs is a game-changer. They’re not just pretty letters on a screen; they’ve got soul. You can feel the passion and creativity she pours into each stroke and curve. It’s like they bring your designs to life and add this extra depth that makes everything pop.

Blanc Salvage’s dedication to her craft is next level. She’s not just designing fonts; she’s creating little works of art. And you can totally see it in the way her fonts make your designs stand out from the crowd.


"Not only is the Caviar font GORGEOUS, but it's clear how much detail and care went into creating it. I can't wait to use it more in our design work!"

Emma (saltsocialco)


A modern typeface, designed with high contrast for luxury branding.


Urena Wide Sans Serif Font


Stacy's creativity never stops amazing me. Her care for details show in every font she creates. I love how unique they are and how they really stand out in the market.