Beautiful Aesthetic Font Pairings with Coastal Grey

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There’s something undeniably enchanting about a beautiful aesthetic font. Think of it as the cherry on top of a delicious sundae or that statement necklace that completes your favorite outfit. 

The right font can elevate a design, infusing it with emotion, personality, and a touch of magic. 

Whether you’re crafting an intimate wedding invitation, designing a chic brand logo, or simply penning down your cherished thoughts, the font you opt for becomes the silent storyteller of your narrative.

Imagine a font that dances between elegance and edgy romance, one that can whisper sweet nothings or shout declarations of passion. That’s Coastal Grey for you. 

With its beautiful combinations of short and long serifs, it’s a font that promises versatility like no other. Whether you’re going for a romantic vibe or an edgy look, Coastal Grey adapts, making your designs truly unique.

Grab your favorite cocktail, and let’s go over some aesthetic font combinations featuring Coastal Grey.

Font Pairing Ideas to Elevate Your Designs

Pairing fonts is an art, much like pairing wine with food. It requires a keen eye, an understanding of design principles, and a touch of intuition. 

When working with a beautiful aesthetic font like Coastal Grey, a serif font, there are certain considerations to keep in mind to ensure harmony and balance in your designs. 

Here are three keys to look for when pairing serif fonts:

Contrast is King: One of the primary rules in font pairing is to create contrast. 

If Coastal Grey is your primary font with its elegant serifs, consider pairing it with a clean sans-serif as your secondary font. This contrast ensures that the design remains visually interesting and that the fonts don’t compete with each other. 

For instance, a bold Coastal Grey header paired with a sleek sans-serif subheader like Eleven Eleven can create a striking balance.

Maintain a Common Thread: While contrast is essential, it’s equally important to have a unifying element between the fonts. 

This could be in the form of similar x-heights, letter spacing, or even mood. For Coastal Grey, with its romantic and edgy vibe, pairing it with a second font that carries a touch of elegance or sophistication can create a harmonious design.

Limit the Font Palette: While it might be tempting to use multiple fonts, it’s a good practice to limit your design to two or three fonts. 

With Coastal Grey as your primary font, choose a secondary font for body text and, if necessary, an accent font for callouts or quotes. 

This ensures clarity, consistency, and avoids overwhelming the viewer.

The goal of font pairing is to enhance the content’s readability while adding a touch of design flair creating designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Inspirational Quotes Brought to Life

Words have power, and with the right font combinations, their impact is magnified.

Let’s breathe life into some timeless quotes from renowned authors, showcasing them in Coastal Grey and its exquisite pairings. Each quote, adorned in this beautiful aesthetic font, becomes a testament to the font’s versatility and charm.

Beyond the beautiful font combinations, this article is meant to inspire in more ways than one with inspirational quotes from famous authors — some of my personal favorites.

These fonts can be found in Canva, Adobe, and paid.

When we strive to become better than we are, we become better to each other.
beautiful aesthetic font pairing with coastal grey, eleven eleven medium and light

Fonts used:


Coastal Grey serif can be very striking and edgy, but also very soft and delicate depending on how you utilize her. When you add Eleven Eleven, a modern geometric sans serif, your design takes on a level of high-end finesse with its beauty.  Eleven Eleven has unique details, such as slightly squared and round combinations and beautifully crafted diacritic marks.  And being that Eleven Eleven is a font family, you can alter the looks of your design by adding different weights to create hierarchy. This modern font pairing would be ideal for editorials, websites, and social media posts.

You can only lose something that you have, you cannot lose something you do not have.
beautiful aesthetic font pairing with coastal grey, editors note, and cardo regular

Fonts used:

  • Coastal grey – extra light short serifs
  • Editor’s Note hairline italic (Jen Wagner)
  • Cardo regular (Google/Adobe free font)


Coastal Grey pairs perfectly with a geometric sans serif, which is probably my most favorite as you see in this post. I love incorporating Editor’s Note as it brings in beauty and sophistication to the design.  Editor’s Note is a 16-font family and Cardo is a family of 3 weights. No matter how you design your concepts, you can already understand how this can transform your creations with the use of each font. Use them both or just one, and grab the attention of the viewer with pure elegance.

Every thought you have is a message you send to the universe.
beautiful aesthetic font pairing with coastal grey, citadel script, acherus grotesque

Fonts used:

  • Coastal Grey – regular short short serifs
  • Citadel Script (Monotype Studio)
  • Acherus grotesque  (Canva)


Acherus Grotesque, this 20-styles sans serif has rounded glyphs based on geometric forms and will be the perfect match for your Coastal Grey font pairing. By introducing the Citadel Script, you’ll combine a level of luxury to your brand.  This combination would be ideal for formal events and wedding invitations.

Every human is an artist and this is the main art we have in our story.
beautiful aesthetic font pairing with coastal grey, termina medium, and cerebri light

Fonts used:

  • Coastal Grey – light long serifs
  • Termina  (Adobe)
  • Cerebri  (Canva)


When pairing a condensed elegant serif such as Coastal Grey with a wide modern sans serif family like Termina, you combine opulence with a minimalistic look. By integrating the Cerebri, you add a soft luxe feel and flawless legibility to your branding. This particular aesthetic font combination would be perfect for editorials, websites, and social media posts, making you stand out in a crowded market.

Coastal Grey font Across Platforms

Coastal Grey can be used inside Canva and, of course, Adobe. Whether you’re designing a blog header, a newsletter graphic, or a social media post, Coastal Grey ensures your brand creations stand out. As it stands, the best Canva font will always be the one that you upload to keep your brand standing out and cohesive.

In the vast ocean of fonts, Coastal Grey emerges with elegance and versatility. It’s not just a beautiful font; it’s an invitation to create, inspire, and leave a lasting impression.

The Charm of Coastal Grey font for aesthetic pairings

Coastal Grey isn’t just another font; it’s an experience. A beautiful aesthetic font that offers a symphony of design possibilities. 

It features:

  • Uppercase that commands attention.
  • Lowercase that adds a delicate touch.
  • Numbers and punctuation that ensure clarity.
  • Alternate glyphs and ligatures that bring uniqueness to every word.
  • A whopping 296 glyphs that cater to diverse design needs.
  • Extended language support, making it a truly global font.

Ready to Elevate Your Designs?

Purchase Coastal Grey today right here. Don’t forget to share your beautiful creations with me, I love supporting you and sharing your designs with my Serif Soirée VIP community and on Instagram.

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