Beyond the Typeface: Inspiration & Success Stories with Blanc Salváge Fonts

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I’m the girl you bump into at a restaurant and instantly become best friends with over a cocktail, and passionate font designer.


Caviar Font

A luxury editorial-inspired font, designed with high contrast for fashion and lifestyle branding

Unlocking Hidden Treasures

Harnessing the Potential of Fonts in Adobe Illustrator and Canva

In the world of design, inspiration is the spark that ignites creativity. This curated article is brimming with such sparks.

I’ve gathered a collection of designs, experiences, and reviews from designers just like you, who have embraced Blanc Salváge fonts in their projects. 

From luxury real estate branding to custom design work, these stories are a testament to the transformative power of choosing the right typeface from a quality source.

These are real-life examples of how these fonts can be your allies in crafting unique identities for your clients.

As you go through these visuals, imagine your own designs taking shape. Let each story expand your vision and add to your creative vault. With my Blanc Salváge fonts, your next project could be the one that leaves more than a lasting impression.

Cheers babes, get inspired, and start creating designs that not only look stunning but tell a compelling story.


Instagram: @studiowitzenhausen

A Review of La Roue

Blanc Salváge’s fonts are a testament to Stacy’s commitment to quality and creativity. The collection she has curated not only meets but exceeds expectations, making it a must-have for designers and creatives alike. Whether you’re working on a branding project, a website design, or any other creative project, Blanc Salváge’s fonts will undoubtedly elevate your work to new heights. Stacy has truly created a typographic haven for font enthusiasts, and I look forward to exploring more of her creations in the future.



A Review of Eleven Eleven

Sleek and Versatile

As a graphic designer with a passion for typography, I recently had the pleasure of using the sans-serif font Eleven Eleven, and I would like to share my positive impressions.

Eleven Eleven stands out with its clean lines and modern aesthetic. The letters are well-balanced and proportioned, creating a harmonious and easily readable texture. The font conveys a sense of timelessness while exuding a modern elegance. Its various weights allow for flexible adaptation to different design requirements without compromising clarity or legibility. I highly recommend Eleven Eleven and look forward to using it in future projects.

Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude to Stacy for her consistently warm service. Here, you encounter not only one of the many font designers but, above all, a genuinely compassionate individual with whom the exchange goes beyond business-related matters and is simply inspiring. Thank you for your fantastic work and your being!

A Review of Avava and Eleven Eleven

I’ve always been a big fan of Stacy’s work since her business first started over a year ago. I keep finding myself buying more products from her! Avava has always been one of my favorite fonts with its fashion style. Each font that Stacy makes is always aesthetic and exactly what I’m looking for. Whenever I’m looking for digital fonts that give a modern-day, trendy style, Stacy’s products always make it easier for my business needs. If you’re ever looking for some aesthetic fonts to level up your business, look no further and buy her products.


Instagram: @brandneststudio

A Review of La Roue

Stacy’s font designs are nothing short of stunning. I particularly love ‘La Roue’ and ‘Eleven Eleven’ which are both works of art that effortlessly add a touch of class to any project. I am so grateful to have discovered Stacy’s treasure trove of stunning fonts and I love that each font has such a personal representation. Its so nice to learn about Stacy and her journey through her fonts and I can’t wait to purchase more for use in my future branding projects.


Instagram: @studiokynd

A Review of La Roue

As a studio, we absolutely love Stacy’s fonts. La Roue is definitely our current favourite, we love how elegant + versatile it is. We are so excited for her to launch more in which are similar.


Instagram: @cristiguerrero_creativestudio

A Review of Coastal Grey + Detcka Mockup

In my role within the luxury real estate sector, I have found that choosing a font from Stacy’s collection invariably leads to resounding success. Her creations have made a difference in my work and left a lasting impression on my clients.

This was exemplified in my recent project, a tailor-made brochure for a seafront luxury villa in Mallorca. At first glance, the font “Coastal Grey” infused the brochure with an air of elegance and sophistication, perfectly in tune with the project’s ambiance. Its unique blend of short and long serifs, complemented by multiple weights, added a distinct character, effectively capturing the luxurious essence I aimed to convey. Its versatility was a game changer, too, allowing me to experiment with different styles while maintaining a coherent and sophisticated look.

The client feedback on this project was overwhelmingly positive. He was particularly impressed with the choice of font, noting how Coastal Grey seemed tailor-made for the project and echoing the luxurious and sophisticated vibe of the villa and its stunning coastal setting. No doubt, Coastal Grey contributed to the overall success of my brochure.

In my experience, finding a font that aligns so seamlessly with a project’s vision is rare. “Coastal Grey” did precisely that, effortlessly bridging the gap between creative intent and final aesthetic impact. In my opinion, It’s more than just a typeface; it’s a story that adds depth and emotion to any project it graces, an essential element that ties the entire project together.
Because of that, Coastal Grey played a pivotal role in bringing my vision to life, proving itself an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to infuse their work with elegance, luxury, and personal storytelling.

Besides, working with Stacy is a genuine pleasure. Her incredible skill, outstanding artistry in font design, and supportive and delightful nature greatly enrich the design process. Her commitment to excellence and exceptional client service elevates the experience, making it both successful and rewarding.

As I look forward to incorporating “Coastal Grey” into future projects, I am excited to see how it continues to enhance my work. If you’re considering acquiring one of Stacy’s fonts for your project, I highly recommend you go for it. I am confident it will add the same level of depth and sophistication to your projects. It played a pivotal role in the success of my project, and I am confident it will do the same for you.


Wow, these mockups are simply amazing! They’ve got this incredible aesthetic and professional vibe that’s almost hard to believe. They’re a dream for all my projects, and the best part? They’re a breeze to use! I’m in the luxury business, and let me tell you, my clients have been blown away by how their business cards and branding stuff look in these mockups. I’m totally shouting out all of Blanc Salváge’s products. Stacy, the genius behind these mockups, has such an awesome talent and killer taste. I’m absolutely and enthusiastically recommending all her stuff!


Instagram: @saltdstudio

A Review of Coastal Grey

Every time I use a Blanc Salváge font it’s a true treat. Stacy’s eye for detail and design is unmatched, and the fonts are always incredibly high quality. I’ve enjoyed using them for both custom and semi-custom branding projects, and my clients just love them! Not only is Stacy a talented creative, but I’ve had the honor to get to know her as a friend, too. I can speak first-hand to Stacy’s heart behind her work, and her passion is contagious. I can’t wait to see what she releases next!


Instagram: @agence.mesdoucescreations

A Review of La Roue

I am very happy! I loved working with LA ROUE, which I used for the design of Paloma this font is so elegant feminine, and so pretty it is sufficient in itself thank you for this incredible work and these sublime fonts that you give to us. I can’t wait to see what you have next for us! – with Love, Kheira


Instagram: @cityandseacreative

A Review of Eleven Eleven

I wanted the brand fonts for Simply Sublime Football Club to strike a balance between nostalgia and contemporary appeal. “Eleven Eleven,” by Blanc Salváge was an obvious choice for me. It commands attention with its bold, modern, and minimalistic style, offering versatility across various scales. My clients absolutely loved it. It works perfectly in their logo and also as a header font for the website and marketing materials.


Instagram: @erintuftscartier

A Review of Eleven Eleven + Coastal Grey

Blanc Salváge fonts are my go-to. I purchase every time Stacy releases a new font not only because they are stunning, but they are timeless and effortless. As a brand designer who does not enjoy the ins and outs of creating a font from scratch, but loves combing through miles of fonts created by others, Stacy’s fonts always spark joy. Her bold serifs are my absolute favorite. I cannot wait to see what you launch next. Xx Erin Tufts Cartier


Instagram: @dearcharlieuk

A Review of La Roue

Ok, so we’ve got to talk about Blanc Salváge and Stacy – she’s basically my font fairy godmother! Her designs? Pure elegance with a side of major personality. Every time I pop one of her fonts into a project, it just transforms – and makes the vibe! Blanc Salváge hit the nail on the head when it came to the ‘make it stylish yet totally usable’ thing, which is an absolute lifesaver if you’re a designer in a pinch for amazing fonts. Whether your website needs a little bit of elevation or you’re looking to give a brand that extra ‘oomph,’ her fonts are my secret sauce.


Instagram: @velastudiouk

A Review of Coastal Grey

Blanc Salváge is that feeling when you find EXACTLY what you’ve been searching for.

The Coastal Grey font is so beautifully crafted it instantly sparked endless ideas (honestly, you should see my Illustrator file!).

This is an essential font in any designer’s kit. It works flawlessly and adapts to multiple design styles. I simply can’t get enough!!

Stacy is an absolute magician when it comes to fonts. She has a great eye for detail and style, and her fonts are always a pleasure to work with. Her fonts save me so much time – I no longer spend hours scrolling, trying to find the perfect font. I KNOW Blanc Salváge will already have what I’m looking for.

I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you, Stacy!!


Instagram: @soswell_studio

A Review of Urena

I loved using the Urena font for my most recent brand design. I knew right away when I saw it that I wanted to use it since it’s modern, unique, and really on-trend. I’ll also use it for future projects because I think it’s very versatile and will work for so many different brands. Stacy makes such beautiful fonts so I highly recommend using one for your next project!


Instagram: @oregonlanestudio

A Review of Coastal Grey

When I saw the Coastal Grey font, I knew I had to have it. It felt very high end and I knew it would be perfect for the upcoming project I was working on. – Tara Mosier, Oregon Lane Studio


Instagram: @penguindesigning

A Review of Coastal Grey & Eleven Eleven

As with everything Stacy creates, I am just in love with the attention to detail on these fonts. Paired together Coastal Grey really stands out in as thin serif shape with some pretty ligatures, absolute luxury. Love how these two look so good together, Eleven Eleven makes it the perfect friendly and approachable brand look with a soft high-end touch.


Instagram: @brandingwithmiah

A Review of After Five & Eleven Eleven

I am so happy I found Blanc Salváge. I recently purchased two fonts from their shop – After Five and Eleven Eleven. While both are very different in style, I have been impressed with the beauty and versatility of each one. The spacing, kerning, and variety of weights make them highly versatile and usable across a wide range of projects. It’s clear a lot of skill, care, and attention to detail went into designing these typefaces. She offers an expansive collection of creative fonts, and I can’t wait to add more of their high-quality options to my library very soon!


Instagram: @thedznhaus

A Review of Urena

As an editorial designer and digital designer my brand The Dzn Haus was created as a platform to speak to my clients through visual storytelling. The best way to do that is through aesthetically pleasing edits, and I love utilizing amazing and unique typefaces to bring those edits to life. Stacy’s fonts are amazing for this purpose. Her fonts are all super unique, bold, striking, and a good conversation piece. Love playing around with all the different typefaces and a wide array of styles. It’s a healthy obsession.


Instagram: @studioalexiaxo

A Review of Coastal Grey

I used Blanc Salváge’s Coastal Grey font for a recent client project — actually, one of my absolute favorite designs I’ve ever created — and the typography absolutely stole the show. This gorgeous serif had my client fall in love with the concept at first sight, with no revisions. It was so easy to customize and make tiny tweaks, while the ligatures included made it so simple to add a custom flair to the logo. Coastal Grey is just one of the dreamiest, most elegant serifs I’ve ever come across, and I’m so glad it was my first Blanc Salváge font… I will absolutely be coming back for more!


Instagram: @polinapolozyuk

A Review of Eleven Eleven

I use this beautiful font on my Instagram posts and my website, I love it, it gives a very modern and stylish look ! 


Instagram: @kreatief_design_studio

A review of Eleven Eleven and Coastal Grey

I finally found the perfect fonts! Blanc Salváge’s fonts offer the versatility to use in almost any project for any industry! I have even added Eleven Eleven to my own branding kit and social media content, that’s how much I love it.

Coastal Grey is such a stunning font, my photography clients adore it!

Stacy is an amazing designer and I think people are naturally attracted to her and her brand because of the soul and personality each of her fonts its infused with! Her hard work and dedication to designing timeless typography shines through in her work! I am a fond admirer of her work and also of her kind heart! I can’t wait to purchase more of her beautiful fonts for use in my future branding projects.

Whichever font you choose to purchase, you are making a true investment to your typography collection!

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