How I Pick The Names For My Fonts

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I’m the girl you bump into at a restaurant and instantly become best friends with over a cocktail, and passionate font designer.


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I’m inspired by all that surrounds me. First and foremost, my children are my daily inspiration, my family, whatever is going on in life at the moment, the universe, and my amazing community.

Some may think I’m a little silly because I joke about my font creations as ‘my little font babies,’ but it’s true — they are my babies, and each one deserves a special name.

My very first font was inspired by my little girl, Isabelle. 

I named the font Isabella because the ‘a’ looked a bit better on the ending. 

My daughter sat on my lap many days and nights filled with joy being able to type with her very own font. 

I also have one in mind for my son that will be a little beachy since he loves being in the sun and waves.

The second font I created: Avava.

It was named after typing out the letters not realizing what it meant–to radiate. 

Avava is passionate towards creative works, successful, strong-minded, loving, caring, and very determined. It was everything I strive for.

Caviar was my third creation.

And if you know me, then you know my favorite colors are black and white. I came across caviar as a different way of saying black from an Instagram post. 

I knew it was the one the moment I saw it. Caviar was also inspired by Vogue magazine and was meant for high-end design. So I thought this combination fit perfectly.

The famous serif font: La Roue 

The La Roue that everyone adores came from when I was shredding some old papers at my grandmother’s and I stumbled upon my grandpa’s birth certificate. 

I saw my great-grandmother’s last name, La Roue and it grabbed my attention and brought back so many beautiful memories of her and me. 

At that moment, I knew La Roue was the perfect name for my fourth font.

My Krew font was inspired by my community. 

I created a story post asking what type of font I should create next. Maybe it was something my following couldn’t find or they may have had in mind. 

But I received a special request from a friend of mine, Ilaria, to create an elegant font, but one that was strong. And of course, being from New Orleans, I had to put a spin on the name Crew to Krew. 

Krewe is an organization that exists to celebrate carnival. And as I was creating this beauty, it just so happened to be Mardi Gras season. The timing was perfect for the two to unite and for Krew to be born.

I cannot wait to share the other font name and the beauty of what’s brewing on my computer screen at the moment so, stay tuned!

I would love to know what inspires you, so let’s chat! Connect with me on Instagram or book a call and let’s get to know one another.

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