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I'm Stacy

I’m the girl you bump into at a restaurant and instantly become best friends with over a cocktail, and passionate font designer.


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Ever since I was a little girl, creativity has been my secret superpower. 

Just try to picture 11-year-old me, running my own mini-business at school, selling the most adorable homemade pillows. I even had a fancy menu showcasing all the fabric samples and sizes. 

My teachers? They were my first customers! In that moment, I felt like I’d made it big.

Fast forward a few years, and there I was, falling head over heels for all things design. 

Pottery, drawing, poetry—you name it, I was into it. 

My good-ole 20s, ha! I giggle to myself because, in that era, I was sitting at the sewing machine for 16 hours a day, pumping out Swarovski crystal swimwear made out of rock ‘n’ roll t-shirts for all my besties.

That’s where my love for fashion came to be. I so desperately wanted to be a fashion designer.

But the real game-changer? That came in 2017 when my best friend asked me to learn Illustrator. 

With baby number two on the way, I was on the hunt for a career that would let me be there for my family while still feeding my creative fire.

So, I took the plunge and got into the world of graphic design. And let me tell you, it was love at first sight. 

I was pulling all-nighters, forgetting to eat, and living and breathing design. I couldn’t get enough!

Before I knew it, I was the Creative Director for my bestie’s branding agency, whipping up brand magic for all sorts of inspiring women entrepreneurs. 

In 2018, I even invested in a hand lettering course, but life had other plans

2020 hit, the world turned upside down, and I found myself stepping back to be there for my family and my sweet grandmother as she was diagnosed with lymphoma.

But you know what they say about silver linings, right? 2021 rolled around, and it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I had everything I needed to make my mark in the world of font design. The tools, the passion, the course—it was all there, just waiting for me to take the leap. 

But wait, let’s back up a sec. I wasn’t sure if font designing was still “a thing”, you know? 

So, being the curious creative I am, I spent the next few months diving deep into research. I needed to know if this was the path for me.

Well, let me tell you, not only was font designing still a thing, it was bigger and better than ever! Talk about a sign from the universe, right?

And here’s where it gets even crazier. One night, I stumbled upon an interview on YouTube given by the instructor of the course I had purchased way back. Her name is Teela Cunningham. By the way, I recommend looking her up! She’s amazing and teaches all things design. But finding that interview was exactly what I needed! I couldn’t believe it had been released 6 months prior, especially since it had been so long since I bought the course. Talk about divine timing, am I right?

But that’s not all. When I decided to pursue font design, I started looking for my Apple pen (gotta have it for hand lettering!), and I found it right away… And guess what was right there with it? My book, Jesus Calling. Coincidence? I think not! 

That was the moment I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was on the right path. It was like God himself was handing me my journey on a silver platter. And let me tell you: that shift made me go all in.

And so, I did. I trusted the signs, followed my heart, and never looked back.

And here I am today, living my design dream and loving every minute of it. Sure, I might have taken a few detours along the way, but I truly believe that every step led me right where I’m meant to be. 

If you’re out there chasing your own creative calling, just know that I’m right there with you, cheering you on every step of the way!

I know you’re all dying to know the juicy details about my journey to becoming a font designer. So, I thought I’d mix things up and give you a little quiz, 90’s Cosmo style! 

Learn some trade secrets, and maybe even discover a thing or two we share in common!

When did you first realize you were destined for a creative career?

a) When I sold my first homemade pillow in elementary school

b) When I fell in love with graphic design in 2017 

c) When I started creating fonts in 2021 

d) I’ve always known, darling!

What’s the secret ingredient that makes your fonts stand out? 

a) A sprinkle of New Orleans charm 

b) A dash of sign-seeking magic 

c) A heap of passion and a pinch of resilience 

d) All of the above, babe!

How do you juggle being a mom and a font designer? 

a) With a lot of coffee and a little bit of chaos

 b) By embracing the freedom to work from anywhere 

c) With the unwavering support of my family and friends with a side of chaos sprinkled in

d) By dancing through life’s challenges with grace

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned on your design journey? 

a) Trust the universe and follow the signs

 b) Invest in yourself and never stop learning 

c) Build genuine connections and lift others up 

d) All of these lessons are key to success.

If your brand was a cocktail, what would it be? 

a) A classic New Orleans Hurricane, full of vibrant energy 

b) A smooth and timeless Old Fashioned, with a modern twist 

c) A jalapeño margarita, mixing spice, elegance, and charm 

d) A unique creation with lots of tequila

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