Font Pairings Spotlight in the House of Blanc Mockup Collection

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Caviar Font

A luxury editorial-inspired font, designed with high contrast for fashion and lifestyle branding

Unlocking Hidden Treasures

Harnessing the Potential of Fonts in Adobe Illustrator and Canva

Studies have shown that incorporating high-quality visuals can increase revenue by up to 32%. 

Now, imagine intertwining your designs with our realistic luxury mockups. You’re not just showcasing a product; you’re giving your audience an experience. An experience that translates to trust, admiration, and yes – sales.

About the House of Blanc collection

The House of Blanc mockup collection is curated to give you beachy hotel vibes — just as they were crafted with my boyfriend whisking me away for a vacay before the summer came to an end. 

We paused our travel escapades for a brief moment at the beach, snipping palm leaves and finding the perfect spot for a mockup photo session. 

The sunlit beach, our shared enthusiasm, and the luxury vibes of the White House Hotel woven together, inspiring what you now see as House of Blanc. Quite the serendipity, right?

When presenting your designs on these modern perfume bottle mockups in a realistic beach setting, it’ll give your client the ‘wow factor’ seeing their brand come to life in the most luxurious way.

Font pairing inspiration


Caviar serif font and Eleven Eleven sans are a classic font combination that when paired together is a true match made in heaven.

I love the sharp edges of the Caviar serif font with her beautiful high-contrast aesthetics. 

This combo makes House of Blanc mockup templates stand out as a luxury brand and will appeal to those looking for a perfume brand that is high-end with its luxe attributes.


Coastal Grey elegant serif font is ideal for the House of Blanc mockup collection — with its delicate short serifs and just enough contrast to balance out your next bespoke design project.

Staying true to my love of minimalistic branding, here you can see Eleven Eleven used ever so slightly. 

Coastal Grey stands tall and fills the rectangular space of these mockup designs, making it hard not to grab the attention of your client.


La Roue condensed serif is a show-stopper in itself. This beauty has the perfect serif font aesthetic for your designs. Whether you are crafting a logo design or using her on a website, she will make your concept have that glow-up you’ve been searching for.

In these designs, you see her showcased with Eleven Eleven modern sans serif as well as the addition of Ayuthaya. I love the organic feel of Ayuthaya sans serif that she brings to the table.


Say hello to the bold sans serif font, Eleven Eleven. This modern geometric sans serif is highly versatile and can be effortlessly paired with most fonts within your creative repertoire. 

This font family comes in 3 weights and will level-up your brand designs when pairing the light version with the addition of the bold weight like used below. Then jazz up your concept with a thin and dainty script, Amoret from Set Sails Studios. This is one of my favorite font combinations!

Looking for that organic vibe that we all love because it symbolizes the organic ingredients within the product? Check out the font pairing of PT Mono and Eleven Eleven. 

By infusing these fonts with our mockups, less truly becomes more. A dash of modern sans serif, and you’re set!

Designers, Here’s Your Golden Ticket:

Upsell with Elegance: 

Integrate the House of Blanc collection into your design packages. This exclusive offering will not only elevate your design but also increase the perceived value of your projects.

Engage & Convert: 

Use these mockups to create captivating social media posts and portfolios. Let your designs speak in the language of aesthetic brands, convincing prospects of your expertise.

Flexibility & Freedom: 

With Photoshop compatibility, smart object layers, and customizable highlights, the House of Blanc collection is a goldmine for designers. Modify, personalize, and make every mock-up truly yours.

Save time by utilizing our tried-and-tested font combinations. 

Each of these mockups are designed with the best font sellers in my Blanc Salváge shop

Within this post, you’ll see how the beautiful serif fonts; Caviar, Coastal Grey, and La Roue paired with the modern geometric sans serif Eleven Eleven and even how Eleven Eleven will pair with a couple other font favs of mine. 

I’m a fan of modern font combinations and minimal design — less is more. 

When applying these fonts to this collection of mockups, you don’t need to add much detail.

Let these beauties stand alone and be the star of the show with a minimal sans serif addition if needed.

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