Luxury Brand Design Inspiration: Font Customizations with La Roue & Coastal Grey

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In the world of brand design, one truth remains constant – diversity is the key to uniqueness. 

Every client, every brand, every story is different, and as designers, we have the exciting challenge of bringing these narratives to life. 

This is where having a versatile font arsenal becomes crucial. Imagine having fonts that not only adapt to different styles but also add a timeless elegance to your designs. 

That’s where La Roue and Coastal Grey step in, two aesthetic fonts that blend diversity with luxury, ensuring your designs are not just seen, but remembered

La Roue: Versatility Meets Luxury

La Roue is a font that whispers elegance and then shouts audacity. Its soft curves and petite serifs are the epitome of finesse. 

Yet, La Roue isn’t just a one-trick pony; its alternate characters can transform any design from delicate to boldly demanding attention. 

Picture this font as the subtle yet striking edge that your luxury brand designs have been yearning for.

Coastal Grey: The Essence of Serif Elegance

Then we have the enigmatic Coastal Grey. At first glance, she might seem demure with her tiny serifs, but wait till she unleashes her full potential. 

Coastal Grey embodies the daring spirit of condensed serif, capable of making a statement in luxury brand design with her drawn-out serifs and versatile character sets.

You can switch her from being entirely condensed to blending her with the super round characters within the font. I like to stack her when using the long serifs as you see here: 

Designing Across Niches: How La Roue and Coastal Grey Elevate Every Brand

Imagine the versatility these fonts bring to your design table. Because as designers, can we really ever have enough great fonts?

From the subtle charm needed for a perfume brand to the bold statement required for a fashion label, La Roue and Coastal Grey adapt seamlessly. 

Their capability to transform from concise elegance to extravagant flair makes them perfect for a range of industries – be it a cozy home design studio, a chic boutique hotel, or an avant-garde art gallery.

Brands I’ve personally seen them used in include:

  • Home Design
  • Historic Chapel
  • Hair & Makeup Artist
  • Wedding Photography
  • Yoga & Pilates Studio
  • Florist
  • Art Gallery
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Event Planner
  • Design Studio
  • Salon
  • Fashion Brand
  • Perfume

Add them to your toolkit

Ready to add these stunning fonts to your design toolkit? With La Roue and Coastal Grey, your journey in crafting unique, aesthetic brand designs just got more exciting. Click here to shop these luxury fonts and start transforming your design concepts into captivating realities. 

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